N&R&G Recycling, Inc. is a full service buyback recycling facility that purchases copper, brass, aluminum, iron, tin, batteries, car bodies, and automotive parts. We offer fast, convenient, reliable service that our customers have come to expect. We offer top prices for your recyclable material.

Roll Off Container Services

N&R&G offers a roll off container service to residential, commercial, and industrial accounts for refuse and scrap metals. We have 15, 20, 30, and 40 yard rolloff containers. We have more than 80 rolloff containers and service residential, commercial, and industrial accounts in Henry, Fulton, Williams, Defiance, Lucas, Wood, Paulding, and Putnam counties.

Precious Metals

We purchase precious metals, such as gold and silver. We also purchase monel, nickel alloys, carbide, tungsten, convertors, stainless steel, and lead.

Ferrous Metals

We purchase scrap iron, prepared and unprepared heavy melt, automotive cast, furnace cast, sewer cast, clean and dirty motor blocks, prepared and unprepared plate and structural material, shred, tin, appliances, washers, stoves, dryers, hot water heaters,refrigerators, dishwashers, metal swing sets, metal outside furniture, car bodies(whole or parts), machinery, and farm equipment.


We purchase clip, cast, extruded, old sheet, ec wire, acsr wire, aluminum shavings, aluminum siding, aluminum cans, car, truck, and semi aluminum rims, aluminum motors, aluminum radiators, aluminum foil, and transmissions.


We purchase copper (#1 and #2), insulated (#1 & #2), dirty copper, sheet copper, copper aluminum radiators, copper brass radiators, coax cable, machine wire, phone wire, automotive copper wire, communications wire, Christmas lights, and extension cords.


We purchase yellow brass, red brass, dirty brass, copper brass radiators, edm wire, bronze, and rod brass.


We purchase clean non-magnetic, magnetic, dirty stainless, 304 stainless, 18/8 stainless, 316 stainless, and stainless steel turnings.


We purchase automotive, marine, industrial, steel casings, farm, truck, and semi batteries, atv batteries, golf car batteries, and lawn mower batteries.

We have on site truck scales. We are an Ohio EPA approved scrap tire transporter.

If you can not bring it in, we may be able to pick it up. Have a junk car that needs recycled? We have a car carrier and will pick it up for you.

We purchase car bodies as a whole or parts. We purchase starters, converters, alternators, batteries, radiators, mufflers, transmissions, and carburetors.

N&R&G is a licensed Freon-removal facility.

We rent oxygen gases for all your welding and torching needs. We have very competitive pricing on cutting tanks, oxygen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, argon (straight and mixed), and nitrogen.

**Note we cannot accept TVs, computer monitors, or beer kegs.